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Friday, October 24, 2008

Wish Delay!!

haha..i almost forget about my frens bday..i didn't realize there are a few people born in october.. in my phone,there is no one of my metric frens's bday...last nite she call me,and she said no wishing ka??huaa..i knew it..bcoz before this she like to msg me rather than call me..but last nite was very strange..doesn't matter..i already wish her..n we have an hour chat on phone..we laugh,gossip and talking..mishh her so much..but she already taken maa..enjoy her profile!!wahhh...

(she wear the white shawl) with atika..

Name : Asma Salsabila
Born on : 23 october 1989
Live : Kedah
Wishing you : A hepi couple and may god bless u
and hopefully u achieve what u dream of..

i also want to wish some other friends who celebrate their bday on october..there are kak ann(stacyfrenz), mrs X (stacyfrenz),Aliaa(ukm),Steven(my exrumate of metric),MyLOvely Nisa(one and only),Ahnaf(my exrumate of metric),Awin@wiwin(my dear cuzens) and nyah(my muchukk sister)..and for those who are celebrating oso,i wish u A HEPI ALL BESDAYY..

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