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Monday, October 27, 2008


first of all,hepi depavali vathukkal to all who celebrate it n for those who r open their house for it..hahha...fuhhh!!!it was actually unexpected openhouse for my house..coz it almost to the end of syawal..but we do it especially for my sis frens..her schoolmate and, i just tumpang sekaki to invite my was last minute call actually..i really dunno bout it...hehehe...tired last nite preparing stuff for tomorrow...i would like to thank a few people who come to my simple openhouse-deeparaya!!wiwi,ct,intan,asif,ilman and his nephew i tink,apiz n aliaa...of cos yana n najia my beloved neiber..enjoy the pic..tired n sleep lorr...

from left : ct alia,wiwi,apiz,intan holding ilman's nephew,asif n ilman

with my wiwi~
could not talk longer...coz she have to go!!

with dey all who come..

lovely couple but dey don't follow my dress code!!..
intan n asif~

my cuzens~honeyy..

tiredness!!n she was freaking me out!!

3 Babel:

beLLe said...

wwEEEEeeee.... we had a reat tym ryte??
tt wat la mkn2 ag... 4 sure i'll be da 1st persOn who cOme!!
nO doubt dude!! huhuhu

shaofie said...

no hal beb!!
nnt aku wat lagikk...
ajak satu kampong sumer...
ko psl mkn laju je erkk

wtf said...

hensem gak aku (yg pakai baju itam tu)


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