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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was wiwin b-day!!

28 of october.the day for my cuzens!!she is my lovely one who is openminded n can be talk with!! she is the best for me..according to indian calendar,she was born in deepavali festive..hahha.. trivia!!i tink it doesn't matter for her but its quiet good to remember..enjoy the trivia below this!!

with me!!luv yarhh!!

Name : Hani Fadzuin bt Abd Razak ( HAFAR )
Date : 28 October 1989
Nickname : awin@hani@wiwin
Live : Shah Alam
Currently : study in lagenda college
BestFren : Mimin mushukkk
Wish : god bless and dream u wishing
for will come true

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