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Friday, October 31, 2008

image on mirror

sometimes im wondering when can this be the always like this..think further and look forward into the mirror..huhhh!!theres a lot more pathways to go..i shudn't giv up!!my final next week,till now i have certain mood especially tiredness..if u give me food i eat,bed i sleep but book dun wannnnnnn....i just wan final get over faster...i can't stand dad help me out from this tot..hope i can finish all chapter and easy to answer..thnx for dem dat give me a lot of support lately..appreciate it..plss support me!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Dull Day

what a bored day..tired n not enough sleep i guess..lately when exam just round the corner, it will stress me up!!fuhh..hopefully i will cover all the chapter by sunday..i have to..i just thinking when i will get back home to wash my clothes..coz my exam schedule was tite it keeps me thinking when it gonna exam stat next week 3 nov and ends on 20 nov..wish me luck guys..hopefully got the best pointer ever..maybe u might not see entries for this few weeks..MAYBE!! pic for today..hahha...enjoy ur life..pray for me!!sleepy lorr...huaaaa...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was wiwin b-day!!

28 of october.the day for my cuzens!!she is my lovely one who is openminded n can be talk with!! she is the best for me..according to indian calendar,she was born in deepavali festive..hahha.. trivia!!i tink it doesn't matter for her but its quiet good to remember..enjoy the trivia below this!!

with me!!luv yarhh!!

Name : Hani Fadzuin bt Abd Razak ( HAFAR )
Date : 28 October 1989
Nickname : awin@hani@wiwin
Live : Shah Alam
Currently : study in lagenda college
BestFren : Mimin mushukkk
Wish : god bless and dream u wishing
for will come true

Monday, October 27, 2008


first of all,hepi depavali vathukkal to all who celebrate it n for those who r open their house for it..hahha...fuhhh!!!it was actually unexpected openhouse for my house..coz it almost to the end of syawal..but we do it especially for my sis frens..her schoolmate and, i just tumpang sekaki to invite my was last minute call actually..i really dunno bout it...hehehe...tired last nite preparing stuff for tomorrow...i would like to thank a few people who come to my simple openhouse-deeparaya!!wiwi,ct,intan,asif,ilman and his nephew i tink,apiz n aliaa...of cos yana n najia my beloved neiber..enjoy the pic..tired n sleep lorr...

from left : ct alia,wiwi,apiz,intan holding ilman's nephew,asif n ilman

with my wiwi~
could not talk longer...coz she have to go!!

with dey all who come..

lovely couple but dey don't follow my dress code!!..
intan n asif~

my cuzens~honeyy..

tiredness!!n she was freaking me out!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Open your House!!

its really tired but its fun..yesterday i ran back home after my show for that festival..rush away and hope that i will go to intan's openhouse but someting distract me..heheh..sori intan..then i went back with no ones there inside..huaa...just me and me and me...then i get call from najia( one of my best neiber )that she having a makan2 at her home rite after isyak!!thank godness have some dinner to eat..otherwise i have to cook meggi of cos...haha!!i ate until day, i have another openhouse to my ex-teacher,pn zahrah!!stay near with my house...ct take me and drive to pick intan and directly go to owner open house..hahaha!!!ct drift along the way and it was really fun!!watch out ct..waiting for my wiwi,alia,ilman n apiz to come..i ate of cos nasi kerabu, n sphagetti...enjoy the pic...

first open house for last nite!!
yay!!thanx for invite me..

from left : alia,wiwi,intan n ct

this is of cos the owner..

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Festival Culture!!

today is my exam..actually the title said that festival but it actually an exam for those who take culture for their koko dat morning was my rehearsel and at first was very terrible...but when we touch up and do some other homeworks make it better...i was so tired and sad thinking my parents go to kuantan have some bbq last nite...huaaa...overall everythings going fine..enjoy the pic...!!

silat gendang if im not mistaken..

seni silat cekak hanafi

3 pics show that
im the only guy in the grup..huhuh!!

the gamelanz!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

30 from my sis,YONG!!

1.Bekas kekasih saya adalah :
nope..dun even have before..still on relation with somebody!!maybe..

2.Saya sedang mendengar :
listen to sound of wind,fan spinning..and a scary sound downstairss..creepyyy!!

3.Mungkin saya patut :
prepared to ambush my neighbour house..cuz have peberet...

4.Saya suka :
like to playfull and be mentalist..hahah..

5.Sahabat-sahabat baik saya :
too many..a lot..u also my good frens...

6.Saya tak paham :
y the concept of U differently??i hate last minute assgment..hate exammm!!!

7.Saya kehilangan :
direction right now..i really dun have any real position that make me comfort after that..huhu!

8.Ramai yang berkata :
im too fat..

9.Makna nama saya :
leader or the one who can be representer...

10.Cinta itu adalah:
its a food maybe???waaaa...

11.Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang :
fart and he smell it then he eat what he left off after that.eeiuuuuu!!!

12.Saya akan cuba :
be the best student,dekan maybe!!or be a good boy n good son for my both family..baba n ayah!! wahhh!!!

13.Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud :
truly love for a truly i love..

14.Telefon bimbit saya :
sometimes shut easily and sometimes kiokk!!

15.Bila saya terjaga dari tidur :
i will see watch first if almost to class time,get ready!!

16.Saya paling meluat apabila :
he/she dunno wat i mean..dey really want me aswer twice..huh!!this person haa..very the pekak oneee....

17.Pesta/Parti adalah :

18.Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah :
michi,rumi n juli..

19.Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah :
18..coz its my metric lifeee!!!miss it...luv damn damn muchh!!!

20.Hari ini :
my mom n dad and sis n bro go to phg..while stay alone at home..

21.Malam ini saya akan :
otw to my neiber house...makan2

22.Esok pula saya akan :
openhouse!! ex teacher since in high skol..

23.Saya betul2 inginkan :
an understanding love..really cared n miss me..

24.Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini :
never seen mirror this monink..if see always ur face getting ugly..ujang said..hahah

25.Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan : if have money laa...arked if with sekapala frens..

26.Makanan Barat atau Jepun :
i love japan but food??i love america one...yg halal je..

27.Bilik yang terang atau gelap :
warm colour...nice to see..

28.Makanan segera adalah :
my mom told me yesterday was this fast food doesn't really help in will overcome to cancer n most probably luekimia..its really true..

29.Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang?
"thanx yong sebab amek berat psl sopi..syg sgt2 kat yong"...

30. Adakah anda ingin panjangkan TAG ini??
don't long as i can aswer private one...:)

:) :) :) :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

See dad going!!AGAIN??

at last!!i made my right decision..i'm now at UKM waiting for my show tomorrow..hahah..tonite i really tired to go to the practice bcoz im on my way back to ukm..i really tired in making last minute i really made it.i have to let go of my gath becoz of my exam is more more this is the second time my dad drop me earlier(means that before this he drop me at ukm every sunday nite)and see him,tomorrow i've to push more effort on it to make it great n hope will enjoy by audiens..hopefully...maybe back and take my rest stuff and go quickly back home..i have to attend a lot of openhouse of my,sorry kuantan,bad timing i think!!!

Wish Delay!!

haha..i almost forget about my frens bday..i didn't realize there are a few people born in october.. in my phone,there is no one of my metric frens's bday...last nite she call me,and she said no wishing ka??huaa..i knew it..bcoz before this she like to msg me rather than call me..but last nite was very strange..doesn't matter..i already wish her..n we have an hour chat on phone..we laugh,gossip and talking..mishh her so much..but she already taken maa..enjoy her profile!!wahhh...

(she wear the white shawl) with atika..

Name : Asma Salsabila
Born on : 23 october 1989
Live : Kedah
Wishing you : A hepi couple and may god bless u
and hopefully u achieve what u dream of..

i also want to wish some other friends who celebrate their bday on october..there are kak ann(stacyfrenz), mrs X (stacyfrenz),Aliaa(ukm),Steven(my exrumate of metric),MyLOvely Nisa(one and only),Ahnaf(my exrumate of metric),Awin@wiwin(my dear cuzens) and nyah(my muchukk sister)..and for those who are celebrating oso,i wish u A HEPI ALL BESDAYY..

Thursday, October 23, 2008


arghh!!i hate this situation..actually it was ready to be perform on monday but lastly it was changed it to saturday..huh??SATURDAY??shud be my holiday on that is my family gath!!huaa..miss again..i was miserable parents scolded me bout wrongdoing in make choices..yayaya..its all my fault..i even frustrated rite now of not joining the gath..damn..3 times in a row i miss my godness..lastly i have to let it go..i know the festival is important to my academic score..doesn't matter i can't go bcoz of my other sory..maybe on saturday i cried internally n tears in funk!!-out-

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

haPPening Presentation!! i make my last presentation in front of madam..our group actually present about,aliaa,kak ros n anis did a very gud job actually!!thnx guys give cooperation n understnd me..hahah!!first to present today no so nervous becoz we've prepared before n we know we can do it..wahhh!!!after all presentation been done by two groups today, i've been waiting for the moment to EATT!!haha..hungryy..before eat,madam give one two speech before exam n tips during exam soon..thnx madam!!btw,just enjoy the pic and thnx to everybody that have commitment to make this things haPPeninggg!!yay.. :)

credit to:

Monday, October 20, 2008

grup presentation!!

today i have so much work again as usual..i have to rush go to my lecturer room to get my mentor name..thnk godness my lect is there..its hard to get him lately..i ask him who is my mentor but hesaid im too late to get it..the merit mark have been sent to officer to total it..huaaa...i feel sad but its ok as long as i noe who is my mentor..but i have to fill up the mentee form to get through my mentor..aiyakk!!!doesn't matter least i relieve about this mentor things..lalalala..straight to english was my classmate was so mass up n they don't really prepared to present..adooii..i am so sorry of them..waiting for their team member but last the second grup were present first bcoz of some technical probs..hehehe.. they also don't prepared but they all have done really good job!!everybody really put effort on it.. next wednesday would be my presentation n also have some hari raya celebration things..hahaha...hope i will go fast n smooth laa...enjoy the pic!!

the topic suggest by them

explaination session with madam

dija present with emotion..hahah!!

bored at class..wat else..snap maa!!

good listener..poyo!!

my grup!!all girls boys me only..
they all supportive..

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i have to do a lot of work lately..assignment and presentation..all kinds of things have to submit by this frens open house have to cancel it bcoz of my comitment..yesterday my parent send me earliar back to my college bcoz today they have to attend my sis convo at UUM..
Congratulations on your Graduation!!
no present la..hahaha

and today when i chat at SF cr,i saw there are some people who r actually my geng during the cr was not so famous. there are mamayan, 2kaizen..i really want to meet them personally.. actually before this CR was famous and known by every member,i have a lot of fren from sabahan n sarawakian and semenanjung as well, they all i know it from cr..frens like pinbaju,mancezz,fifiey, firman,bro rojak,sky,limaukapas,islandlady,nadia qelate,yuneade,angelinhell and so many more (written in nickname of their own)was such a memorable one..i've been thinking when can we just met again??im so excited to see u sad..miss damn muchh!!

and today i would like to apologize my sis,ya for being overreacted of my pic with nubhan.. actually i'm not plan at all of this this and i really don't know that u really one of his big fan..huaa..sopi sory sgt2..this is unexpected!!so i have deleted all those picture and even all entry i sent before were deleted also..i hope there is no controversi(is it correct) and no more comment..i hope u relieve n im so so sory again..mucho yaa!!

delete account

huaaa...aku punyer tgn mmg gatal sgt2..aku pon xtau pe yg aku da wat...aku pegi tekan bende pe ntah..tetibe ble nk cek blk blog aku,aku tgk da blank..wrne puteh je kua...bodoh la dier klu akibat pengaruh cyber!!korg yg follow blog aku nih sory laa..i have to delete account lme..means dat entry2 lme tu sume da im still using the same address..


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