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Monday, October 20, 2008

grup presentation!!

today i have so much work again as usual..i have to rush go to my lecturer room to get my mentor name..thnk godness my lect is there..its hard to get him lately..i ask him who is my mentor but hesaid im too late to get it..the merit mark have been sent to officer to total it..huaaa...i feel sad but its ok as long as i noe who is my mentor..but i have to fill up the mentee form to get through my mentor..aiyakk!!!doesn't matter least i relieve about this mentor things..lalalala..straight to english was my classmate was so mass up n they don't really prepared to present..adooii..i am so sorry of them..waiting for their team member but last the second grup were present first bcoz of some technical probs..hehehe.. they also don't prepared but they all have done really good job!!everybody really put effort on it.. next wednesday would be my presentation n also have some hari raya celebration things..hahaha...hope i will go fast n smooth laa...enjoy the pic!!

the topic suggest by them

explaination session with madam

dija present with emotion..hahah!!

bored at class..wat else..snap maa!!

good listener..poyo!!

my grup!!all girls boys me only..
they all supportive..

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