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Sunday, October 19, 2008


i have to do a lot of work lately..assignment and presentation..all kinds of things have to submit by this frens open house have to cancel it bcoz of my comitment..yesterday my parent send me earliar back to my college bcoz today they have to attend my sis convo at UUM..
Congratulations on your Graduation!!
no present la..hahaha

and today when i chat at SF cr,i saw there are some people who r actually my geng during the cr was not so famous. there are mamayan, 2kaizen..i really want to meet them personally.. actually before this CR was famous and known by every member,i have a lot of fren from sabahan n sarawakian and semenanjung as well, they all i know it from cr..frens like pinbaju,mancezz,fifiey, firman,bro rojak,sky,limaukapas,islandlady,nadia qelate,yuneade,angelinhell and so many more (written in nickname of their own)was such a memorable one..i've been thinking when can we just met again??im so excited to see u sad..miss damn muchh!!

and today i would like to apologize my sis,ya for being overreacted of my pic with nubhan.. actually i'm not plan at all of this this and i really don't know that u really one of his big fan..huaa..sopi sory sgt2..this is unexpected!!so i have deleted all those picture and even all entry i sent before were deleted also..i hope there is no controversi(is it correct) and no more comment..i hope u relieve n im so so sory again..mucho yaa!!

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