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Monday, November 16, 2009

Kalau betul aku bersalah;


We know since we were young,
when there's no one else,
we be friends
not for the title
but the meaning,

We kept what we should,
We share what we need,
and important all,
we care between two worlds,

it feels inside
but not outside,
we look into,
but not onto,
the moment i saw u,
it like give me alive,
for ongoing moment,
like nobody can seperate us,

its like giving me a chance,
to bring the moment back,
the memories that almost gone,
just need trust and understand,
mess can be clean,
and clean need the patient,
and the patient comes to our hearts.

hope understands;
harap anda faham.

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tengku_fir21 said...

cool jgn emo2


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