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Friday, January 9, 2009

Start 2009 with tagged vivi.

Put your player on shuffle.
Answer the question with the song you got.
Don't cheat, even if it doesn't sound right!
What does your mum said when she yelled at you ?
You and me - lifehouse
you and me cannot be separated!ahaks.
Your dad pokes you in the head, what will you say to him?
I stay in love - mariah carey
i will always stay in love.
Your best friend punches you in the arm, what will he say?
Now or Never - HSM3
got to be kidding me.
Someone fall in love into you at school, what will she say?
It's all about you - McFly
its always bout u babeh!mslhnye ade ke?
You worst enemy walks up to you, what will you say?
T-shirt - Shontelle
not so match!hiks.
You are walking down the street at night and meeting stranger, what will he say?
Andai ku tahu - Ungu
"andai ku tahu..
ble ko dtg di situ.."
You see your pet, what will you say to her?
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
" coz ur hot n ur cold..
and yes then u no..
u in and ur out..."
Your favorite teacher comes to you, what will she say?
Terima Kasih Cinta - Afgan
bkn actually kite ke ckp terima kasih cikgu..
tebalik suda..
What song do you play when you are...
Time of my life - David cook
"this is the time to be..
time of my life "
Low - Flo-rida feat T-pain
matching ke??
leh la kot..
tyme sedih low la kann...
Ada Untukmu - Nubhan
x seswai..
x msk langsong..hiks
In Love
Blind - Lifehouse
yeah! love is blind..
mmg buta la spe xnmpk..
Missing someone
Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
seswai glr..
klu da missing tu mestilah hanging seketika..
tp never been in love la..
so no experience so far..
Having a bad day
Fall for you - Secondhand serenade
bkn bad day song.
ni cam missing someone and cm nk luahkan perasaan..
xkne xkne..nextt..
Trying to go to sleep
I'm the lucky one - Anuar Zain
seriously this is my song nk sleep..
mmg tetido siot..
try this!
Really really hyper
Ingkar - BCL
" semestinya aku mencintai..
seharusnya aku menyayang..
oh maafkan jika semua yg ku berikan untuk mu.."
xkne langsong..
What song was being played when you were...
Having your first birthday
Cinta dalam hati - Ungu
mksd dier niat dalam hati..
yela kne gak make a wish..
tu la mksd dlm lagu tuh..ahahha
Going out with your first girlfriend
Take a bow - rihanna
perghhh!!so nott...
pehal lak aku kne tunduk kat dier..
nonsense..not at all..
Getting married to...
Ku mahu - Dato Siti
" ku mahu..kawen weyhhh!!!"
When you're having your first kid
Cinta ini membunuhku - d'massive
lg xkne..
nk dpt anak pastu lagu bunuh2 plak berkumandang..
x meraikan langsong..
nk lagu marhaban...hahhaa
no need to tagged spe2..
tgk cam sume smgt blk nk wat tagged yg pelbagai nih..
amek mase nih..
btw vivi..
hamek ko..
da siap suda tagged ko!hiks..

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Virgonz said...

bagus... hiks.. well done sofi.. hiks..


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