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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


im just wondering suddenly..what kind of santubong princess like huh??im thinking that she was smooth,cute maybe,soft-hearted,soft spoken of cos..just like my santubong..if i have a chance, i will married with her..bcoz she was my first lady on my tot..hahah..imagine me n her living at santubong island,chat together,cooking and working godness!!our babies gonna have a white skin like us someday..hahha!!don't be so jealous..i share this coz i have a deep meaning to her..she lights me up..never just a wondering never ever gonna happen..i believe in myself..and herr alsoo..i luve my cayunkkk!!

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E; said...

does ths say that you're having an IMAGINARY girlfriend or something?
it freaks me out you knw.
you, and your imaginary santubong wifey or girlfriend with the frigging santubong island.
with the cooking and the babies thingie?
wht was u thinking?
sane enough to imagine out of box?

i'll be at your wedding for sure.

santubong island tu bebbbbb!

shaofie said...

imaginary tu penting..

eleza737 said...

waa nak berumah tangge dah..? ahahaha gud lak ;))

shaofie said...

bkn laa..
cme imaginary je eleza..
aku tetibe rase yg santubong tuh amat lawa sgt..
padahal xpenah tao pon story dierr..
ntah laa..
ko nk kawen ngn aku??

eleza737 said...

aiyo... aku nak kawen ngan org yg lebey tua dr aku laa..! sob sob..

shaofie said...

wahh eleza..
ye ke??
aku terlalu muda ke bg ko??
nk dtg minang skarggg gakk!!


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