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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Roomkeeping plss!!

im still in exam,last nite was my cleaning day..i have to clean it up all my stuff and pack things to get over!! afta my second last paper xm finished i got to go back to brings some of my stuff keep it at not safe in here..psstt!!so lets move on to get done of it...

snap here n there b4 stat makeover

of cos myself.pose

snap during my touch

of cos must have after my touch aite??but i didn't finished it all..tired maa..i guess it fit all my stuff in 3 bags but nope!!more than that..huaaa...guess what??my neber ask for dinner out at we went out for awhile and put this aside..hehhe!!afta dat continue back and do some chatting at,not finished yet..afta dat i try to continue but im watching a movie at my laptopdovie..afta dat try to help things back,but couldn't coz my frens,paan ask for, accompany him and back to room at tired!!bbuummmm...sleep with all postponed.. chicky haa..dats all..chiowz!!

3 Babel:

wAn aLiaA mUrsyidA said...

ooiittt dodoL!!!!!
bnyk gle brg ko!!!
mengalahkan aku yg pmpuan nie!!!!
cm stor!!!
jgn mrhh..
kang kne jual...

shaofie said...

wateva la jenglot..
ko jeles kew??
aku brg byk sbb aku ni berhemahh..
ko harapkn bnde ntah pape jee..
jgn mara gakk..
kang kne sembelihh...

Syukri said...

sopi..terkantoi spender ko kaler merah.....len kali jgn la sidai kat situ...adoiiii


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