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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santubong n bla bla bla..

it almost to 12am..still hungry need to supper..after dat my pet sis ym me n ask out to ktho for supper..she hungry she drive to pick me n paan rush to ktho..afta dat i ask zati n al out to cafe ktho to accompany wearing her oink2 shirt with zati period face i supper burger with iced milo of busy talk with her hubby,mr deendang!!so, zati and i was crumbling n gossiping bout santubong princess and mahsuri things..haha!!so all the maki hamun n carut marut were out from our mouth..enjoy n,sharp at 12am,my metrics fren bday suddenly..wanted to surprise him at his college but it was too cayy!! nxt time i just called him n paan n zati sing her voice out of piching 'bday song' to akiff..eventho they dont know each other,but fate will together them one day..aminn..wahhh!!!dis nite i was so excited to attack zati..such a fun aite??lalala...wateva la oink2..enjoy pic below...

al busy chat bout her life
nothing personal actually..
all the maki hamun was out from her mouth..

no scandal occays
but really want it..

this one shud be scandal..
the truly oink2 we searching for..
just like oink2..
just like beb!!
fit n just just just like u..hahha


4 Babel:

E; said...


babi la ko.
nak attack aku hehs?

shaofie said...

of cos dear..
leks la beb..
bes gak attack ko nehh..
ni bru sket je..

E; said...


tunggu aku attack ko.



shaofie said...

zati mauk seranggggggggggg


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