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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

[mood exam]-Tagged still Tagged

[still in study mood]..i got tagged from sis lola..the tagged from andy i didn't finish yet..hehhe..sory andy..maybe later i do it yours..

1) List down 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself

1. i like to eat nespray itself..when i was in tadika,my cicer like to give me nespray in scale of plastic bag.. i really not sure nespray word is still using till now or not..hahaa..but i love it..just try it urself..

2.when i go to primary school,everyday and every second was my sad n sad n sad day... i always cry until theres no one can handle me..hehe..i still remember when i was in standard 1,i've been placed in first class..but then i was cry to sit with my cuzens which in last class,my dad was turn me over to that class..after that i was very happy everyday n i just keep thinking until now why am i so stupid..that is me..

3.if im not mistaken,from standard one till six,im the one who lead the class..hahha..class the one and only..lalalala..jejaka pujaan i tinkk..

4.[truth that my parents dunno]..i've been canning in front of headmistress when in high school.. its all about just go outside the school to eat roticanai at mamak stall..yalaa...canteen does not have enough food to provide,so mamak was my next stall..wakakka..

5.i've been crush with someone that i luv b4..she was somebody laa..but she reject mywish cuz theres another guys that so hot than me..can u believe it??theres no way than i accept the fact that i was really bad that time..

6.i dunno what happen when in bio lab..we have an urine test,all the boys go get the test tube and go ahead to toilet..but then,when we measured each other, my quantity of my urine was out of the test!!believe it??my frens just got from 5 to 10 ml only rather than me approximately 50-60ml..when check back to my bio teachers,she said that i am too much drink b4 take test..

7.The memory when in blue wave hotel in shah alam when im in form 4..we go there for a job of bulletinmate for national english camp..its was so happening there..we have our own 5 stars room..and our job is to snap a picture around the camp and set up a bulletin and giv them next day..easy rite but there is some promises that everyone have to speak in english since it was english camp..if there are not keep the promises,they might stand in one leg for one nite..

8.Metric life: i've been boicot for a week of say the rude word to so the mulut jahat one in metric..

9.My short pants was torn when im smash the tennis ball..i remember it was 28th of february 2008,im been to excited to smash back but then turn to torn half of the pants..i have to sit just like no-one-knows-how-deep-it-ruins..heheh..

10.In metric,everyday my mom call me to wake me up..good is it??the call make me near to her heart eventho it was so so far away..sempadan thailand..

11.i love to dream..sometimes my dream come true..just like i met stacy..wonderful moment..

12.i been bullied when im working at parkson KLCC..there are some seniors were not satisfied with me..what they do were put the bar tag or price tag to my sweater..when i pass the scanner,i will alert..but then i tell the truth to the manager then they were suspended and wanted...wakkakaa..

13.i hate chocholate..but i love further reason..

14.addict to internet..cannot leave with my computers n broadband..lalala..

15.last fact to talk nonstop...hehee...i dunno what i talk for n what purpose is.. just talk talk n talk till im tired of it..dat is me..

2) Tag 10 people and not tagging back

Ryo not Sun (:

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