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Friday, November 21, 2008

Exclusive [reveal all the sensored] Part 1

This entry was exclusively dedicated to all my metric frens..such a long tyme since i never mentioned back bout my metric life n this tyme this moment this second i brought u..The Exclusive Lens Behind The Moment`

A bit info extended about all the people in F1P4'ryans' ;

  • love to create a day one poem!!but i was compete to create most lovely one with aiman..everythings we see,we express it trough poem.. nice kn?
  • love to see and admire some girl named zorethfa..i admit i realy love with her high heels..such an elegance..
  • love to give such any names to every person in class with unique ones.. uniq keww??
  • me and aiman like to walk afta makan diner..we walk around the college and we critic all people there..nonsense rite??miakakaka
  • love to tapau roti goreng at admin b4 get to class agama..really like to watch ustazah anger!!hahaha..

The moment of truth;
  • Akif : first tyme flirt.. dier sanggop pegi library studi ngn aku semata2 tok tackle minah tu..her name was NAT..dier compete ngn amin;my other classmate
  • Boei : our pakcik..dier ni plak ske berchenta or admire ngn pompuan bawah umor dari dier..katenyer bergetahh..eeiuuu..igt lagi pompuan tuh dier pggl putri if im not mistaken la..
  • Kere : the sleeping king in our class..dier ni ske tido di mana saje dier berada..if dlm klas pon leh thn..but he was excellent!
  • Amin : dier ni jgn ckp..ske meraba all the times..yela skola alam shah.. skla sume laki..dok meraba je keje dier..klu laki nk g tandas,pls du not say it loud coz he can snap ur picture during tgh pee or berak..u try,he sure can..
  • Mafia : name je mafia,tp azri nih baek orgnyer..skola MCKK..dier budak band kat metrik..he was good in class but 24hours sms'ing' with her buah hati pengarang jantung;awa!
  • Acap : my nextdoor..he like to sneak in my room and steal some maggi igf he dying la..klu dier telajak tidor,dier soh aku remind tok bangon klu tak, mm aku la the only one yg boleh sign tok dier..sng sgt nk tiru sign dier.. simple man..
  • Muse : dier nih sorg yg pendiam..bgos lg dr amin..miakakka!!dier ni pelik laa..sbb he likes to play with himself..ntah la..but he nice!
  • Hibban : dier ni pada mulanya mmg xske aku sbb aku byk mulot but lame2 he use to fit it..sbb dier satu klas ngn aku,smpi ble nk mcm ni je..dier nih kire bdk gegeh(bhsa ganu)..klu sehari xpgg buku,bkn la dier nmenyer..
  • Aiman : bajet dier gothic la sgt..he like to wear between black n white kemeja..other than that,NO!!dier ske debate n condemn mis peanut.. dier la bestie aku dlu..kitorg klu dinner kol 6pm sharp and importantly,we used spoon n fork kayys!!
  • Hamzah : dier ni lagi la serabot..dier ske dok pindah randah kehulur kehilir..dier ske dok bilik aiman smpi aiman naik bengang ngn dier.. hahaha..last2 dier p pindah bilek benal(bestie hamzah) kat blok aku.. barulah lega sket..
  • Miji : dier nih floormate aku..ktorg(me and aiman n sume laki) penah gado ngn dier sbb chnge his frenster profile..ktorg nih ape lg,tros tuka habes laa..lastly he found it and dier sumpah seranah aku smpi ktorg xbecakap and boicot him for one week..huh!!he deserve it..

the exclusive picture u never seen; :P

p/s : this is the male site of tribute..wait for the next entry..i will reveal all the f1p4 women habits..waitt..

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