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Monday, September 14, 2009

a flower a day never mean so far.

i hope if she read this,hopefully she understand.i don't know what to say more,but i really don't have any intention to break ur sincere and just want to be back as first we met before. i know my mistake and i admit.eventough u told me everything,but it never break or dissapoint me. always in my memories. it won't let u go and free. remember, i still love u until death us apart.

dedicated to you-my-special-W

morning till dark
blooming to black
sun goes rain
never be the same
as always i say,

tears of cheer
till the tears of wishes,
we met at heaven,
till now in the sky,

so far i understood,
the meaning of true life,
as i said to you,
there is no goodbye
believe in faith,
believe in GOD,
until one day,
the morning still stand,
blooming turn fresh,
and sun will always be there.
trust me.

gomene; wakarimashita!


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