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Sunday, August 30, 2009

warm up dulu.

im totally lost right now.a lot of my frens ask me to continue blogging.confused!i try to be back just like before but it takes several time.ok,where shud i stat??.first of all,its not late for me to wish all the muslim 'hepi fasting'.smuga mendapat keberkatan di bulan yang mulia ini.banyak berlaku in a row of fasting month ni.starting of :

first day in fasting month :

bukak puase di rumah nenek.i bump to my cezens;fara,awin,emy,qila and lots more.its seem so long not see them after busying with convo things.talking so much things here and there.

until 9th in fasting month : far so good.i've been thinking of my next plan to break the fast while im at college later.tak tahu nak buka kat mne.asking frens again la.teringin nak berbuka bersama geng metrik dlu,geng convo,geng skola and so much plan.haishh!asek aku je pengarah program da mcm takde org lain.its ok work for amal.haha.mengelamun jap.

stop here,byk da melalut.not-forgetting-her-also.

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