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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mysickness Leisure.


no class in the morning,english communication have some evaluation, class stat at 6pm for math (perghh!lame lg siot.).stay at room for reading or maybe to PC fair just look around (no money).up and down to cafe for some night i have my gamelan by day my all routine turning to bored.sighh.


dunno wat to do,lab for this week was canceled suddenly.(hoyeah-hoyeah).dilemma for two things.wateva.planning to go bowl with my friends but not sure yet.maybe go for returning my leisure back.hishh.busan la dok U ni,there's no such even life pon.everyday was assignment day.submitted a week after.sighh again.

notakakimuluthidung : ntah la mengapa merasakan sgt susah untuk memasuki umur yang baru ahad ni.sighh for third time.

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